Brooklyn Public Library to Receive $3.5-M to Fund Major Renovations

Iwen Chu

Originally published in BK Reader on .

Senator Iwen Chu announced funding for the public library this week

The Brooklyn Public Library will receive $3.5 million as part of the State Aid for Library Construction Program. The project will renovate the Central library branch of Brooklyn Public Library and provide new, upgraded spaces to the public. New York State Senator Iwen Chu, Chair of the NYS Senate Committee on Libraries made the announcement on Monday.

The Brooklyn Public Library is a valued institution that serves people of all ages in the borough of Brooklyn," said Senator Iwen Chu. "The project will reorganize the Central library of Brooklyn Public Library, its headquarters, by redistributing office spaces and upgrading spaces to the public. With this funding, BPL will continue to be a vital resource for communities into the future.

The new investment is divided across public libraries throughout New York to support construction and renovation projects. The funding will help libraries construct new buildings, create additions, update electrical wiring and computer technology, improve broadband infrastructure, meet energy efficiency standards, renovate facilities to provide full accessibility to library users with disabilities, and provide meeting spaces to accommodate community needs.

“We extend our sincere thanks to Senator Chu, chair of the Senate Libraries Committee and a champion for libraries not only in Brooklyn but across New York State," Linda E Johnson, President and CEO, Brooklyn Public Library said. "With her support, we are able to continue restoring and modernizing Central Library while ensuring branches across the borough will have the books, programs and technology patrons rely on every day.”

In the past fiscal year, the Brooklyn Public Library welcomed 4,063,916 patrons into all branches, a 32% increase from 2022.