Brouk hosts second annual Community Baby Shower at Ryan R-Center


Originally published in 13 WHAM on .

Rochester, N.Y. — State Sen. Samra Brouk was joined by more than 30 organizations across the Rochester area to host a Community Baby Shower at the Ryan R-Center on Sunday.

The event was designed to provide information, resources and supplies to new and growing families in the Rochester area.

“Today, really the most important thing is about convening new and expecting parents to allow them to see what the community has to offer," Brouk said. "We know that in the city of Rochester, there is great need and so this is an opportunity to bring community together and to really meet them where they’re at a place they’re so used to coming like a rec center and offer them those resources and supplies."

Along with the baby shower was a panel discussion on doulas and the importance of them to expecting families.

“A doula is a nonclinical support that provides child birth education, comfort measures, advocacy, educates birthing families on how to speak up for themselves,“ said Twylla Dillion executive director of Health Connect One.

Those who attended were able to receive any supplies they may need for their families, including diapers and wipes.