Senator Bill Weber Awards Liberty Medal to Hero Jean Donald Mathieu

Bill Weber

Originally published in The Monsey Scoop on .
Senator Bill Weber Awards Liberty Medal to Hero Jean Donald Mathieu

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In a commendable act of valor, Jean Donald Mathieu was awarded the prestigious Liberty Medal by Senator Bill Weber on Sunday at the Finkelstein Memorial Library in Spring Valley, recognizing his extraordinary heroism.

The medal, a symbol of exceptional courage, was bestowed upon Mathieu for his daring rescue on Saturday, February 3, 2024. Mathieu, returning home from work, encountered a devastating fire on the third floor of a building. With remarkable bravery, he managed to save an 8-month-old baby named Isabella, along with two adult women. Demonstrating quick thinking and fearlessness, Mathieu climbed a tree, scaled a fence, and ascended a fire escape to reach and safely evacuate the trapped individuals.

This act of heroism, initially highlighted by Monsey Scoop with a focus on the rescue of the baby girl, has been recognized in its full scope. Mathieu’s efforts saved three lives, showcasing his selflessness and quick response in a critical situation.

Senator Weber’s presentation of the Liberty Medal to Mathieu not only honors his act of bravery but also serves as a testament to the spirit of heroism and community service. Mathieu’s courage and decisive action in the face of danger have set a sterling example of heroism for the community.