NYS Senator Eric Adams Announces Passage of Three Bills That Empower Law Enforcement and Enhance the Safety of the Citizens of New York State

Eric Adams

June 17, 2010

NYS Senator Adams introduced three bills whose passage now enhances the efficacy of law enforcement to serve and protect the citizens of New York State. 

 NYS Senator Eric Adams’ bill S7658 makes it illegal to use stolen or misappropriated computer software in the production of a product or in the use of a service.  Some corporations have used illegally obtained software to aid in the production of products or the offering of services.  Not paying for software enables a business to reduce the cost of its products and services, leading to an unfair and unwarranted competitive advantage.  Other businesses lose revenue and the State loses tax receipts.  In 2008, worldwide software piracy resulted in losses estimated at more than $50 billion.  This bill provides an additional tool for the attorney general and affected parties to use against those who steal software and those who use pirated software to undercut competitors. 

 NYS Senator Eric Adams’ bill S7786 authorizes peace officers of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA) to “stop and frisk” when they deem it appropriate.  TBTA officers are expertly trained to protect and secure seven bridges and two tunnels in the NYC area. They attend the MTA Bridges and Tunnels training academy located on Randall’s Island, New York for 16 weeks. They receive training in accordance with the New York State Municipal Police Training Council standards, New York City Fire Department training, NIMS training, Recognizing and Dealing with Weapons of Mass Destruction training, Radiation Detector training, and American Red Cross First Aid/CPR training.  The new authority sanctioned by S7786 provides greater flexibility to officers and increases the security of critical bridges and tunnels.  It enables officers to deal with individuals in a less confrontational and less serious manner.  Rather than being forced to arrest individuals, officers can stop and frisk suspicious individuals (such as trespassers found in a restricted area) and immediately release those who are unarmed and have no malicious intent.  Further, security of the facilities is increased when officers can search trespassers for weapons, intercepting potential terrorists and thwarting “dry runs” of an attack. 

NYS Senator Eric Adams’ bill S2956A addresses ticket quotas, expanding the quota provision to include every ticket, summons, and arrest, and it protects employees from reassignment, scheduling change, and other punishment as a result of an unmet quota.  Ticket quotas pressure officers to issue tickets regardless of the appropriateness of the situation, and S2956A expands the quota ban beyond traffic tickets to eliminate quotas for any state, local, or general violation or crime for which a ticket or summons would be issued. It prohibits penalties for failing to meet arbitrary quota requirements. Further, it has the benefit of reducing the number of citizens unfairly ticketed for small violations.  The bill helps both law enforcement and the general public by reducing arbitrary and inappropriate enforcement of minor crimes.