NYS Senator Eric Adams, Chair of Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering, Promotes Transparency in Government by Hosting a Live Internet Screening of Next Step in Aqueduct VLT Selection Process

Eric Adams

August 8, 2010

NYS Senator Eric Adams, Racing, Wagering and Gaming Committee Chair, champions transparency in government by hosting a premier video conference and simultaneous internet livestream.

 On Monday, August 9th, Senator Adams harnessed technology to provide a video conference and internet livestream of Genting New York's development proposal for Aqueduct Racetrack.

Genting New York was recommended to Governor Paterson by the New York Lottery as the corporation to develop the Aqueduct project. Genting will present its proposal to Senator Adams and racing stakeholders.

NYS Senator Eric Adams states: “The selection of an entity to develop and operate Aqueduct requires the participation and approval of the Governor’s office, the Assembly, and the Senate. I have decided to contribute to transparency in government by recruiting all New Yorkers; I am submitting to my constituents and to every political and business leader all the particulars, detail by detail, as I myself receive them. [The link for the internet livestream: livestream.com/nysenate.]

 “The Senate Majority Conference has dedicated itself to achieving an extraordinary level of openness in government. My Majority Conference colleagues and I have striven to collaborate to establish a system of transparency and civic participation in order to secure the public trust. We are convinced that our unprecedented openness will strengthen participatory democracy and increase competence, efficiency, and effectiveness in New York State government.

 “One of our watchwords has been ‘transparency.’ We are confident that enhancing citizen access through the voluntary disclosure of information not only promotes government accountability but also facilitates a public understanding of the decision-making process.

 “We want New Yorkers to see what we are doing and how hard we are working for them.