NYS Senator Eric Adams Commends The NYPD and Anti-Terrorism/Law Enforcement Officials for the Expert Handling of the Times Square Car Bomb


NYS Senator Eric Adams, Chair of the Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs, Commends The NYPD and Anti-Terrorism/Law Enforcement Officials for the Expert and Safe Dismantling of the Times Square Car Bomb

Senator Adams’ statement:

“I once again commend and congratulate the professionalism and hard work of the NYPD, local law enforcement, and counter-terrorism officials, and all arms of the city, state, and federal government, in the aftermath of the attempted Saturday night car bombing in Times Square.
“I specifically extol Officer Wayne Rhatigan and the NYPD for clearing the area swiftly and effectively, and I praise Lance Orton and Duane Jackson, the two street vendors who alerted police to the suspicious vehicle by embracing the crucial concept embodied in the slogan ‘See something, Say Something.’   
“For over a year now, I have been reaching out to private companies involved in security efforts around Times Square to learn more about the private sector’s response capabilities as well as investigating the strategies and technologies available to counter-terrorism experts to help deal with attempts like the one this weekend. My well-attended Albany roundtables and symposiums with business and technology leaders have been fruitful, and I will continue the discussions in order to make the streets of our cities, State, and nation safer.
“I offer my full support and deepest thanks to all those involved in the dismantling of the bomb and the investigation of the potentially deadly act of terror.”