Senator Adams Decries Treatment of War Hero Cop by NYPD

NYS Senator Eric Adams Joins U.S. Marine James Brower, In Uniform, to Stand Up to Underhanded Attempts To Decertify Him And Dismiss War Hero Cop


NYS Senator Eric Adams, chair of the Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs committee, joins James Brower, NYPD Officer and U.S. Marine to shed light on the underhanded techniques the NYPD is using to remove him from service. 


Senator Adams’ statement:             “I was dismayed and disappointed to learn the underhanded and ill-advised reasoning the NYPD is using to decertify James Brower, who has served this city honorably since 2004.  This is no way to treat a war hero.”

Officer Brower became U.S. marine because he wanted to serve his country.  After active duty, serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in the fall of 2001, he joined the NYPD Academy while still in the Reserves for the Marines.  He served honorably and heroically from 2008-2009. 

While still a probationary officer, Officer Brower had a conversation with another officer when they were on detail- and this officer believed Officer Brower was experiencing some sort of flashback associated with the times he was deployed.  He was placed on restricted duty, and the NYPD conducted multiple psychological evaluations, all of which came back clean.

Despite these evaluations, the NYPD has kept him on restricted duty, and now, the department is using his ADD diagnosis from when he was 9-years old as a reason to decertify him through the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, claiming he didn’t disclose the information.

His hearing with DCAS is this Tuesday – and I am calling attention to this matter- and the use of an elementary school diagnosis as a reason to decertify an otherwise qualified and honorable officer.”