Senator Adams Helps Pass Veterans Benefit Package

NYS Senator Eric Adams, Chair of Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee said, “I have the privilege of announcing the introduction of legislation in the New York State Senate in honor of and dedicated to the women and men who have served our country, our local heroes, the cherished veterans across our State. The New York State Senate recognizes that veterans, whether from recent conflicts or great wars of the past, are responsible for safeguarding the freedoms we all enjoy today.  In tribute to New York’s champions, the legislation I have introduced will protect and defend them as they have protected and defended us.”

Watch Senator Adams Honor Veterans on the Senate Floor:


The State Senate Democratic Majority passed eleven pieces of legislation which will expand or launch new benefits programs for the brave New Yorkers who have fought for our nation’s freedom.

The Majority’s legislation package will offer veterans and current Soldiers greater access to state programs, including:
- Audit courses, without charge, at SUNY and CUNY for veterans seeking to advance their academic careers.
- New timeframes for the receipt of absentee ballots by deployed servicemembers to ensure their votes are counted.
- Access to property tax exemptions, to help the many servicemembers who have found it difficult to afford remaining in their community as a result of service.
- Sporting opportunities for veterans and servicemembers as a way of maintaining physical and mental health.
- Participation in housing assistance programs which help disabled veterans remain in their homes.
- Ending barriers which currently make it difficult for active duty military personnel to marry as a result of deployment, which can often come without notice for adequate planning purposes.

Since becoming the Majority last year, Senate Democrats have passed several significant bills and measures in support of veterans, including legislation which enacts new protections for members of the armed services facing foreclosure during deployment. The Majority also opened up the Senate’s Veterans Hall of Fame honors program so all 62 members, regardless of party, can recognize veterans from their district. In the past, only the former Majority was allowed to participate in this program.