Senator Adams Unveils Billboard and Viral Campaign to Tell Youth: End the Sagging Pants Culture!

Eric Adams

March 27, 2010


NYS Senator Eric Adams Unveils Billboard Campaign to Tell Youth: End the Sagging Pants Culture!

NYS Senator Eric Adams and Tracey Collins, President of the non-profit group Fully Persuaded for Children and Families, unveil a new billboard campaign throughout Brooklyn to encourage young people to demonstrate their pride and confidence: “Raise your pants, raise your image!”  Senator Adams calls on adults to set a proper example and for youth to realize that they are better than the saggy pants and exhibitionist culture.

Senator Adams’ statement:             “While it is natural for youth to push the limits of what is acceptable, parents in the home and leaders in the community must step up when something is harmful.  This sagging pants culture represents an immature disregard for the basic civility, courtesy, and responsibility that our young men should display.

“As I first mentioned during my virtual town hall, I am proud to unveil six new billboards throughout the borough.  They are intended to raise awareness and spark conversation.  The billboards are located in Brooklyn at the following locations-

214 Rockaway Parkway                     841 Franklin Avenue

1306-1310 Nostrand Avenue              2331 Bedford Avenue

848 Fulton Street                                747 Franklin Avenue

“Billboards can only begin a discussion.  As a community, we will ‘stop the sag’ person by person by realizing that we control so very much of our messaging to other people.  Our youth will demonstrate that they can control their own image and the message they send to peers, authority figures, and potential employers.

“Please view my Youtube video at: 

“Have pride in your appearance: if you raise your pants, you’ll also raise your image.”

Date/Time:     Sunday, March 28, 1:00 pm

Location:        City Hall (front steps)

Presiding:      NYS Sen Eric Adams

                        Tracey Collins, President, Fully Persuaded for Children and Families