Bill Making It Easier to Claim STAR Exemptions Passes Senate

Jack M. Martins

May 4, 2011

Legislation (S.3576) passed by the Senate will help make it easier for property owners to claim STAR benefits if they missed the March 1 filing deadlines. This is particularly important to senior citizens who must remember to file for the enhanced STAR exemption each year. Missing the deadline and, therefore, the exemption could result in a homeowner facing an unexpected and significantly increased tax bill. This bill instead authorizes municipalities to accept STAR applications after the locality’s taxable status date and before January 10 of the following year.

"In this difficult economic time, we need to ensure that those who are eligible for the STAR exemptions receive those benefits even if they miss the deadline,” said Senator Jack M. Martins. "These exemptions are extremely important to many of our residents"

The text of the bill reads that the "governing body of a city, town, village or county having the power toassess may adopt a local law authorizing the assessor or assessors of such city, town, village or county to accept applications for the basic exemption and the enhanced exemption for senior citizens authorized pursuant to this section after the taxable status date for such city, town, village or county. Such local law shall provide that in the event the owner, or all of the owners, of property fail to file the application required pursuant to this section on or before such taxable status date, such owner or owners may file the application, executed as if such application had been filed on or before such taxable status date, with the assessor on or before January 10 of the following year."

The bill has been sent to the Assembly.