Manhasset Boy Scout Interviews Senator Martins

Jack M. Martins

August 3, 2011

Senator Jack M. Martins was at the Manhasset Library last week when he was asked by a Boy Scout who was working on a project for an interview. The Senator gladly obliged.

Manhasset Boy Scout Martin Clarke asked Senator Martins questions such as why he wanted to be a Senator and how you become a Senator.

Senator Martins responded that he went into public service because he wanted to make a difference. He encouraged Martin that if you want to change your community for the better, get involved. “Sometimes, it’s not enough to point out when something is wrong. You have to be willing to work toward making it better,” Senator Martins said.

In response to how to become a Senator, Senator Martins said that it is important to be a good student, keep up with your studies by reading and develop your ability to listen to concerns of others.

“The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are great organizations. They foster community involvement and leadership. After speaking with Martin, I know he is one of the future leaders of his community. I applaud his parents as well as his other mentors for teaching him the value of community service. Martin has a bright future ahead,” Senator Martins said.