Senator Martins' Bill Allows Town of North Hempstead to Convey Parkland for Water Well

Jack M. Martins

May 4, 2011

A bill sponsored by Senate Jack M. Martins authorizing the Town of North Hempstead to convey parkland from to the Carle Place Water District has passed the Senate.

The parkland begins on the western line of Carle Road going north along the western line of Carle Road from its intersection with the northern line of Winnie Court and includes about 1,627 square feet.

The Carle Place Water District needs to install a new well to better service its residents. There does not exist an abundance of land in the community that would suffice for the well. There is, however, land available at Fuschillo Park. a Town of North Hempstead facility. Since the land is in the parking lot, the effect to the park will be minimal. The benefit to the Carle Place community will be significant.

"As chairman of the Senate Standing Committ on Local Government, I felt it was important to make sure the needs of the Carle Place community with regards to safe and available water are met," said Senator Martins.

The bill in being sponsored in the Assembly by Assemblyman Tom McKevitt.