Senator Martins Visits Grace Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Great Neck

Jack M. Martins

August 1, 2011

Senator Martins gave a recap of this past Legislative session in Albany that saw New York State make historic progress in passing an on-time budget with no new taxes or fees as he spoke to the residents of the facility.

Senator Martins also answered questions from the seniors about their concerns such as the state’s ability to provide services for seniors. Senator Martins explained that it was a difficult year since the state’s leadership, facing a $10 billion budget deficit, had to cut spending in order to balance the budget. However, as the state improves its financial condition, there will be an opportunity to re-evaluate how the state spends its money. Senator Martins re-iterated that providing care for seniors remains a priority for him in the next Legislative session.

At the end of the visit, administrator Martha Sweet thanked Senator Martins for visiting. The Senator was impressed with the facility. “The residents were engaging. I was particularly impressed with their Doers Group, which does its part in the area of community service. I would be honored to go back from time to time so I can update them on what is going on in Albany and in the Seventh Senate District, listen to their concerns and answer any questions,” Senator Martins said.