Senator Martins Visits Mineola Leisure Club

Jack M. Martins

June 2, 2011

On the Tuesday after Memorial Day, Senator Jack M. Martins was back in Mineola as he stopped by the Mineola Village Hall Community Center to spend some time with the Mineola Leisure Club, which was meeting at the time.

Senator Martins was asked to say a few words about his time in Albany. Remarked active senior and Golden Age Club President Lillian Barnola, "Now, we have to share him!"

Lillian was referring to the last eight years during which Senator Martins served as Mayor of the Village of Mineola. Now, serving his first term in the State Senate, he is the chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Local Governments.

The seniors in Mineola are looking forward to attending FunDay Mondays at North Hemsptead Beach Park in Port Washington. FunDay Mondays begin on July 11 and then continue until August 29.