Senator Martins Announces Home Mortgage Safety Seminar at Elmont Public Library

Jack M. Martins

February 23, 2012

State Senator Jack M. Martins announced that he has joined with Governor Andrew Cuomo, Bethpage Federal Credit Union and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s offices in sponsoring a “Home Mortgage Safety Seminar” at the Elmont Public Library on Saturday, March 10th. The seminar begins at 10:30am and runs until 12 noon. The program is part of a series of community outreach initiatives by Senator Martins targeted towards working families and seniors who may not be able to access governmental offices during the work week.

“This seminar was developed to give homeowners one on one attention regarding problems and issues they may be having with their home mortgage. Scams, predatory loans, rescue schemes and refinancing pitfalls have hurt families and seniors all across our State. This program is bringing the very best people together in government and the private sector to help our communities,” said Senator Martins adding, “I want to thank Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Schneiderman and Bethpage Federal Credit Union for their assistance in this important community issue.”

Senator Martins’ seminar will specifically address issues regarding refinancing, predatory loans, loan modification issues, foreclosure safety scams and attaining a mortgage. “It’s become too common occurrence that someone reaches out to my office and is looking for help on their mortgage. Sometimes it’s a simple problem that can be fixed. There are other times when it takes an expert to really dig into the problem and find a solution. I wanted to develop a program that homeowners could look to, ask the important questions and get help,” said Senator Martins.

The seminar will feature a question and answer period followed by an opportunity for homeowners to sit with mortgage experts from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Financial Services Department, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office and Bethpage Federal Credit Union with Senator Martins' office assisting. The appointments are first come first served and will be ongoing during the seminar. Appointments outside of the seminar with State government departments can also be facilitated that day through Senator Martins staff who will be available to assist homeowners.

Local homeowners with mortgage issues should bring copies of documentation and information related to their mortgage problem. In some cases, appointments will be made with offices best suited to address the needs of the mortgage problem. Experts will be on site and may be able to provide answers and immediate relief depending on the mortgage issue. Tables will be set up for residents to sit and talk to representatives confidentially and with privacy. A general session on overall mortgage issues will be ongoing for homeowners.

“Depending on the issues that homeowners may have, there may be the likelihood that follow-up appointments may have to be made in order to address the mortgage issue,” said Senator Martins noting, “once we are able to determine your need, we will be able to facilitate the proper meeting with the appropriate authorities.”

If homeowners have any questions on Senator Martins “Home Mortgage Safety Seminar,” feel free to contact his district office at 746-5924 or email him at