Senator Martins Congratulates Manhasset Resident For Completing Documentary on the Environment

Jack M. Martins

April 16, 2012

Senator Jack M. Martins recently congratulated Chris Johnston on completing his documentary film, “Take the Challenge Now,” which examined how everyone can play their part in protecting the environment.

Chris, a sophomore at Chaminade High School, spent the past four years working on the documentary, which took him as far as Sweden to conduct interviews on environmental issues. As a resident of Manhasset, Chris also focused on Manhasset Bay and found some good news with regard to the cleanliness of the bay. This could be due to storm water treatment as well organizations such as the Manhasset Bay Protection Committee.

Chris learned a lot during the four years he worked on his documentary about the environment. But perhaps his most important message is that everyone can help protect the environment by spreading the word that environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility. “Awareness and education is the big thing that we need,” Chris said during a meeting with Senator Martins.

From refraining from throwing cups on the ground to cigarettes out the window, sensitivity toward the environment can go a long way. “Chris is an extraordinary young man who reminds us that there is no second chance when it comes to our environment. It’s our responsibility to preserve the environment for ourselves and for future generations. I want to thank him for his hard work in completing his documentary,” Senator Martins said. “Chris has an incredible future and will be a leader in years to come on environmental issues.”

Chris plans to volunteer this summer on various projects as he continues to commit himself to environmental issues. In the meantime, he encourages everyone to “Take the Challenge.” For more on Chris’ documentary, visit