Senator Martins Honored by Nassau County Village Officials Association

Jack M. Martins

September 18, 2012

Senator Jack M. Martins along with his colleague, Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, was recently honored for his support of village government by the Nassau County Village Officials Association. Senator Martins, a former village mayor, believes strongly that village government is the most efficient government there is in terms of being accessible to residents and providing services in the most cost effective manner.

Senator Martins is currently the chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Local Government and has passed legislation during his first term in the Senate. He is planning on introducing legislation that will flatten pension rate contributions of local governments, giving them stability when it comes to budgeting for employee pensions.

“I want to thank NCVOA President Ralph Kreitzman, the committee officers and committee members for this prestigious honor. Village government represents that which is closest to our residents. I will continue to be a strong advocate for villages and look forward to working with our mayors and trustees for the benefit our residents and businesses. If you consider the services villages provide and their responsiveness to residents, I think we would all agree that village government has been a model of efficiency. I also want to thank the NCVOA for all the work it does in bringing villages closer together to share ideas and programs to all of our benefit,” said Senator Martins.