Senator Martins Honors Officer Brennan For Brave Service

Jack M. Martins

June 25, 2012

Wounded Police Officer Recovers From Shooting

Senator Jack M. Martins recently honored New York City Police Officer Kevin Brennan, who has made an incredible recover after being shot in the back of the head earlier this year while in the line of duty.

On January 31, 2012, Officer Brennan responded to a report of a shooting in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Garden City Park resident was shot in the base of his skull. The suspect was later arrested. For Brennan, the recovery process was slow, but focusing on his family has served as motivation for a full recovery.

Brennan’s wife Janet has been a constant source of support and his daughter, Maeve, who was six-weeks-old at the time of the shooting, has been his inspiration.

It’s hard to imagine an office being shot feeling lucky, but that’s exactly how Brennan feels, having been given the opportunity to fully recover. He feels lucky to be alive and, thankfully, for his family, friends and community, he is.

Brennan recently traveled to Albany, where he was recognized on the floor of the New York State Senate by Senator Jack M. Martins, who represents Garden City Park. Senator Martins thanked Brennan, who has since been promoted to detective, for his service. “He is a courageous officer, dedicated husband and father., and an outstanding young man. What happened to him just illustrates the type of danger these officers face on a daily basis. It takes a special person to put himself or herself in harm’s way. Detective Brennan is certainly among the force’s and community’s finest. I wish him a speedy recovery,” Senator Martins said.