From the Desk of Senator Jack M. Martins

Jack M. Martins

July 17, 2013

Peace and Quiet

During these summer months, as we spend so much time outdoors with family and friends, it’s easy to see why airplane noise has been such a big concern for many of us. Not that we don't hear the planes when we're in our homes. We do, but being outside brings the problem into focus. I guess that’s the nature of living next to three major airports. But it was never this bad, never this loud.

I am pleased to report that a bill I co-sponsored in the New York State Senate requiring that the Port Authority (that oversees the regional airports) conduct a noise and land use compatibility survey, as outlined by federal regulations, has not only passed the Senate, but also passed the New York State Assembly. The bill only needs to be signed by Governor Cuomo and we're half way home. Since the Port Authority is a bi-state authority, it must also pass the New Jersey State Legislature and be signed by Governor Christie. The companion bill was introduced in the New Jersey legislature on June 17th.

A noise and land use compatibility study would confirm what we already know – that our communities are being unfairly burdened by the frequent use of certain runways at area airports. With such data, the Port Authority can then focus on requiring steps to mitigate the impact to our local communities including reconsidering approaches to the airports away from our neighborhoods. It's about making sure that our suburban quality of life is not sacrificed for the benefit of everyone's more convenient air travel. One does not necessarily stand at cross purposes to the other. We deserve better.

Our successful passage of the bill in the New York State Legislature has be reported in the local media. You can access the articles below:

It’s my hope that Governor Cuomo signs this bill and that New Jersey follows suit.