Martins Bill Resolving Conflict of Local Budget Hearings WITH Rosh Hashana Passes Senate

Jack M. Martins

June 12, 2013

Proceedings Fall on Same Day As High Holy Day This Year

Senator Jack M. Martins (R-C-I, Mineola) today announced that legislation (S.5609) he sponsors to resolve the conflict of Rosh Hashana falling on the same day that local special district commissioners are required to hold their public budget hearings this year has passed the Senate.

By law, a special district’s annual public budget hearing must be held the first Thursday after the first Tuesday in September each year. It just so happens that this year, that date is September 5th, the same day as Rosh Hashana. The legislation sponsored by Senator Martins will allow these hearings to be held one week later on September 12th.

“Special districts, such as library districts, or water and sewer districts, for example, must, by law, give the public the opportunity to attend their budget hearings,” Senator Martins explained. “This year, however, the statewide date of those hearings set by Town Law conflicts with the High Holy Day of Rosh Hashana. Therefore, those who plan to observe the holiday would not be able to attend the hearings. This bill simply sets the hearing date one week later and resolves this conflict.”

 Burton L. Roslyn, board member of the Shelter Rock Library, said, “This year’s scheduled budget hearing and Rosh Hashana falling on the same day was an unintended consequence of the difference between the Jewish Lunar and Gregorian calendars. I want to thank Senator Martins for taking immediate action to correct this problem, re-set the hearing date and therefore allow many residents to be able to attend the hearing.”

The bill was sent to the Assembly.