Martins Called to Serve on Education, Housing and Transportation Committees

Jack M. Martins

June 4, 2013

Senator Jack Martins (R-C-I, Mineola) has been newly appointed to serve as a member of the Senate Education, Housing, Construction & Community Development and Transportation Committees.

As a member of the Senate Education Committee, Senator Martins will be responsible for reviewing all legislation affecting primary and secondary education policy in New York State as well as analyzing the important programs, services and operations that help educate our children.  In addition, he will have oversight of the state’s $21 billion education budget and work to ensure that these critical education dollars are distributed fairly and equitably to every region of the state.  

As a Senate Transportation Committee member, Senator Martins will be a strong advocate for local governments managing important local highway, road and bridge repair projects.  Martins stated that his goal on the committee is to protect local taxpayers from having to bear the burden of increased construction costs and to help create jobs as municipalities undertake new infrastructure repair projects.  Martins will help oversee MTA functions and public transportation systems across New York State.  

In his work on the Senate Housing, Construction & Community Development Committee, Senator Martins will address the issues of building standards, redevelopment, eminent domain, farm worker housing, homeless programs, natural disaster housing assistance, land use planning, and public housing to name a few.  He will be in a position to recommend actions regarding programs and services for low and moderate income residents, legislation, and regulations at the state level.  One of his goals is to develop better solutions for homeless veterans.  

In addition to these new duties, Senator Martins serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government.  Martins said that in this role he will continue to focus on securing the state funding that Nassau County deserves, bringing much needed mandate relief for local governments, ensuring public safety needs are met, working on well-planned job development, securing support for Nassau County schools and facilitating strong local communities.

Senator Martins’ other committee assignments include Banks, Civil Service & Pensions, Corporations, Authorities & Commissions, Insurance; Labor and Social Services.