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Jack M. Martins

January 10, 2013

Senator Martins Takes Oath of Office For Second Term

Senator Jack M. Martins’ first term in Albany, representing the Seventh Senate District, may go down in state history as the two yeasr during which New York was transformed from a dysfunctional state government to one that in which things get done.

Over the past two years, Senator Martins worked with his colleagues and the Governor to pass a property tax cap, cut state income tax rates for the middle class to the lowest levels in 58 years, eliminate the MTA Payroll Tax for small businesses, give law enforcement a powerful weapon to fight crime in expanding the DNA Databank to include all crimes and pass the I-STOP legislation, combating prescription drug abuse by creating a database tracking narcotics.

Senator Martins was recognized for his accomplishments when he was re-elected in November with wide bipartisan support. On January 9, he was back in Albany for the start of the 2013 Legislative Session. With his family standing by his side, Senator Martins was sworn into office for a second term by New York State Court of Appeals Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman.

“It has been an honor to serve the residents of the Seventh Senate District. I I look forward to continuing to work hard as we move our state’s economy forward,” the senator said.

Senator Martins, who served as the Mayor of the Village of Mineola for eight years, decided to run for State Senate because he didn’t like the direction the state was headed in. The former legislature and governor were spending beyond the state’s means and passing the buck to residents and businesses owners who were struggling to get through a recession. Over the last two years, lawmakers and the governor worked together to change the culture in Albany, making reducing spending and creating greater government efficiencies a priority.

The last two years, the Senate worked with the Governor to pass state budgets that were balanced and did not raise any taxes and fees. They are committed to doing the same this year.