Senator Martins to Assist Great Neck Students in Spreading Message Against Bullying

Jack M. Martins

August 29, 2013

Senator Jack M. Martins recently met with two young filmmakers who are spreading the word about the dangers of bullying and the harm that can come to others. Lelina and Melora Chang are in the best possible position to help since, not only are they both students at Great Neck South High School, but also happen to be the associate producers of a short film entitled, “Strain,” that sends a powerful message about the consequences of bullying.

Lelina and Melora both became involved in the project after their older sister, Yin, an actress who has had a recurring role in the show “Gossip Girl” wanted to write and direct her own film about bullying. “Strain” depicts how two best friends were separated by a school clique and the devastating consequences.

“This is the most powerful film I have seen on this important topic,” said Senator Martins, who watched the film with Melora and Lelina during a meeting during which the two young filmmakers and the Senator discussed trying to spreading the film’s message to a wider audience.

Senator Martins contacted Lelina and Melora after they wrote a letter to him. The Senator, who has been a strong voice against bullying in the New York State Senate, will be working with Lelina and Melora to help bring their anti-bullying message to our schools.

“Strain” can be seen at