Senator Martins Honors Carle Place Hero

Jack M. Martins

January 11, 2013

Presents High School Senior Frances Bruschi with the New York State Senate Library Medal

It’s sometimes difficult to stay positive with all the sad news happening around us. But, occasionally there comes a story that makes us feel good about the future of our state and nation. Enter 17-year-old Frances Brusch.

Frances is an unassuming high school senior from Carle Place who also attends Barry Tech. Her quick-thinking, alertness and will to act just may have saved a fellow student’s life.

While walking to the bus at Barry Tech, Frances came upon a fellow student who was in distress. It turns out the student was having an allergic reaction to a bee sting. Frances quickly found an Epinephrine Autoinjector or Epi pen on the student’s possession, injected him and within minutes his condition improved so that he could receive medical attention. As fate would have it, just the day before, Frances received CPR training at Barry Tech and learned how to inject an Epi pen.

At the January 10 meeting of the Carle Place Board of Education, New York State Senator Jack M. Martins and Nassau County Legislator Richard Nicolello recognized Frances and honored her for her heroism.

Senator Martins presented Frances with the New York State Senate Liberty Medal, which is one of the highest civilian honors that a New Yorker can receive. It is awarded to those who have acted in an exceptional, heroic and humanitarian way toward fellow New Yorkers.

Legislator Nicolello also awarded Frances with an official Nassau County Citation, recognizing her ability to keep calm and do what was necessary to help a fellow student in need.

Frances is hoping to attend New York Institute of Technology to study physical therapy, but any college would be lucky to have her.

Senator Martins and Legislator Nicolello thanked Frances on behalf of New York State and Nassau County respectively and recognized her parents, grandmother, Carle Place High School Principal Thomas DePaolo, Superintendent David Flatley and School Board members Barry Dennis (president), Joe LoCurto (Vice-President), John DiFrisco, Lawrence Zaino Jr. and Anthony Bulzomi as well as Barry Tech Principal James Clark.