Senator Martins: We Will Never Forget 9/11

Jack M. Martins

September 12, 2013

On September 11, we paid tribute to those who lost their lives 12 years ago, on September 11, 2001. We remember their lives and the devotions they had to their families and friends. We will never forget.

On this 12th anniversary of 9/11 and in all years to come, it’s important that we share the lessons of that fateful day to our children. This morning, I attended a ceremony at an elementary school in the Seventh Senate District. Every student at the ceremony was either not yet born or just born when 9/11 took place. Yet, they should know the stories of bravery, heroism and sacrifice. They should know the stories of those who lost their lives and the resiliency of their families. They should know the lessons of tolerance and the ramification of hate.

While time moves on, it does not heal the wounds not fill the void left by so many. They have not been forgotten. That’s why it’s incumbent on each of us to ensure that the heroes of 9/11 always remembered. Their memories should forever have a place in our hearts.

After taking office, I introduced a bill in the New York State Senate that would make certain that 9/11 would be taught in our schools as part of our curriculum. I will continue to push for this bill because we owe it to future generations to never forget.

God bless all of those who lost their lives, all of their families and friends, all of the heroes of that day and all of our military personnel who have responded since. God bless America.