Griffo: Senate Republican Agreement WITH Governor Suspends NY Safe Act’s Ammunition Database

UTICA – State Senator Joseph Griffo announced Friday that a statewide ammunition database established through the NY SAFE Act has been suspended following a legal agreement that Senate Republicans reached with the Governor’s office.

In the Senate’s latest step to rein in this flawed and over-reaching law, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed today by New York State Director of Operations James Malatras and Senator Majority Leaders John Flanagan suspends the creation of any database at this time that would require background checks for people who purchase ammunition.

“This agreement is a major accomplishment in confronting one of the most troubling provisions of this misguided law, and I am relieved that this database has been stopped before it ever had a chance to start,” Griffo said. “It has been very clear that such a database would be an infringement on Second Amendment rights and technologically problematic, so I am glad that it is finally being recognized as the poorly thought-out concept that it is.”

The agreement further promises that no state money would be spent on implementing the database until a cost plan has been approved by Majority Leader Flanagan and Director of State Operations Malatras.  

Ever since Sen. Griffo, R-C-I, of Rome, voted against the SAFE Act when it was passed in 2013, he has remained an active voice in building the momentum to reverse this unjust, unfair and unconstitutional assault on the public’s constitutional rights.

In June, the Senate approved a series of reforms co-sponsored by Sen. Griffo that attempted to address the worst aspects of the SAFE Act that many constituents in his district have made clear will not be tolerated, including a full repeal of the overly burdensome and costly state database program. The Assembly failed to act on these reforms this past Legislative session, but Sen. Griffo’s steadfast support for this legislation showed how committed he was to fighting on behalf of rightful and responsible gun owners.

“I will continue to do whatever I can until the SAFE Act’s unconstitutional attack on the freedoms of every legal gun owner in the state is fully repealed once and for all,” Griffo said. “As this victory makes clear today, the Senate Republicans and I are committed to chipping away – piece by piece – every aspect of this law until it can no longer threaten our constitutional rights.”

A copy of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Senate Republican Majority Leader and the Director of State Operations has been attached below: