STATEMENT: Senate Energy Chair Griffo responds to PSC’s decision approving Clean Energy Standard

I applaud the Public Service Commission's decision today to approve a Clean Energy Standard (CES), in particular the portion of the CES that will prevent the premature closure of our State's nuclear facilities by establishing a system that is necessary to compensate these plants for the 24/7, zero-emission, high quality power that they generate.

I continue to strive toward a clean energy future for the State of New York, including: the addition of more renewable energy generation, greater energy efficiency, reliability for all consumers, improved transmission infrastructure, fuel source diversity, and innovative environmental stewardship, all at a reasonable cost to ratepayers.

While I remain concerned about the impact to ratepayers that the Clean Energy Standard would impose, I am pleased that many of my concerns have been addressed and I commend the hard work and dedication that the Department of Public Service has demonstrated to date. I will continue to work with stakeholders and my colleagues to closely monitor the implementation of the new CES and to ensure that our electric transmission, as well as fuel source infrastructure, is up to the task as we move forward to a cleaner, more reliable and resilient energy future.