ALBANY, NY—Senator Sue Serino (R, C, I—Hyde Park) and Assemblymember Didi Barrett (D—Columbia, Dutchess) teamed up today to raise awareness for Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases (TBDs) by passing resolutions in their respective houses declaring May ‘Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

“Raising awareness for Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases is one of the single most important things that we can do to help stop their spread,” said Senator Serino who Chairs the Senate’s Taskforce on Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases (TBDs). “The more people know, the better they can protect themselves and their families. Since being named Chair of the Taskforce, my focus has been on bolstering education and prevention for the simple reason that awareness works.”

"Raising awareness about the prevention, risks, and signs of Lyme and other Tick-Borne Disease is essential to fighting this devastating epidemic in our region and across the state," said Assemblymember Didi Barrett. "As we begin the summer outdoor season it is critical that people learn how to properly protect themselves."

Senator Serino and Assemblymember Barrett sponsor important pieces of legislation that aim to combat the spread of Lyme and TBDs by educating the public (S. 5803A) and equipping our children with the age-appropriate information they need to stay tick-free (S. 5804A).

Serino also joined the ‘Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease’ Challenge to help spread the word far beyond the month of May. The social media driven campaign encourages participants to take a photo of themselves taking a bite out of a lime and posting the picture along with a fact about Lyme Disease. The participants then challenge three other individuals to ‘Take a Bite Out of Lyme’ to ensure that the word about Lyme and TBDs continues to make its way around the web.

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