Sen. Griffo statement on appointment of Underwood as interim Attorney General

ALBANY – State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-C-I- Rome, released the following statement today after Barbara Underwood was appointed interim Attorney General of New York State:

“I believe that Barbara Underwood is a reasonable choice to serve as interim Attorney General of New York State until elections take place this fall and that she has the qualifications, credentials and skill set needed to effectively serve in this role. However, we have been operating under a 90-year-old law that gives the Legislature the power to appoint someone to this office when a vacancy occurs. It is time to amend the state Constitution, change the law and take away the power from the Legislature and give it to the people. I have introduced and advocated for legislation that calls for special elections to fill vacancies in the offices of Attorney General and Comptroller. The time is now to act on this legislation so that New Yorkers, and not the Legislature, will have the final say in who represents them in these positions.”