Senator Kevin Parker Advocates To Expand Voting Rights for New Yorkers

Kevin S. Parker

January 23, 2018

Senator Kevin Parker joined fellow legislators at a press conference proposing a legislative package that will work to protect and expand voting rights for New York State Residents.

The complete legislative package encompasses 13 bills in total, one of which is sponsored by Senator Parker:

Senate Bill 3092 introduced by Senator Kevin Parker prohibits election districts being drawn in such a way that they are partly on and partly off a college or university campus or other contiguous college or university property with 300 or more registered voters, excluding inactive voters. It would also require that the poll sites for election districts serving such concentrations of college or university voters shall be on the campus or college or university property, or at a site approved by the college or university.

“I stand firmly with my colleagues in the Democratic Conference as we work to pass legislation that will improve voting rights for New York State residents. It is our duty to ensure our constituents have equal access and opportunity to cast their vote during each election. Our overall goal is to make the process more efficient and less burdensome so that more residents will be encouraged to vote and participate in the process.”


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