Hyde Park, NY—Senator Sue Serino today announced that she has introduced a bill that would require the legislative pay raise proposed by the pay commission to be approved by the voters of New York State before it can take effect.

"With New York politicians poised to become the highest paid in the nation, New Yorkers themselves deserve a say in the process, it’s that simple,” said Senator Sue Serino. “Many  public servants work tirelessly on behalf of their constituents, and their salaries should reflect that commitment and dedication, however, lawmakers’ salaries are paid for by the hardworking taxpayers of this state, and they are the ones who should decide whether a raise is warranted. This bill would ensure that their voices are heard loud and clear.”

Senator Sue Serino, one of the few legislators in Albany to refuse taxpayer-funded per diems and travel reimbursements, has been a vocal opponent of a pay raise for politicians for years. She was also one of only six State Senators to vote against the bill that established the pay commission in this year’s state budget.

Specifically, the bill (S. 9199) would provide that the compensation committee’s recommendations would only have the force of law if approved by New York voters in the next general election.


To read Serino’s original statement regarding the pay commission’s decision to raise lawmakers’ salaries, click here.