Addabbo responds to Governor's veto of seawall study bill

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

January 9, 2019

Last week the Governor vetoed a bill (S6927), that I sponsored along with Assemblyman Brian Barnwell (A8686), known as the New York City Seawall Study Commission. As I have witnessed devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy and the frequency of damage caused by subsequent storms, I truly believed this bill, which was approved by every member of the Senate and Assembly, would have been a step in the right direction towards addressing the dire need for flood mitigation and resiliency. This bill would have created a New York City Seawall Study Commission, which at no expense to the state, would have quickly gathered data solely for the city areas prone to storm damage and determine the feasibility and timeframe for a seawall that has been discussed for decades.  The fact that the study would have focused on New York City made it unique to the state legislature and its veto by the Governor only hampers our efforts to solve future flooding issues, at a time when we should be moving forward to protect an individual’s home, personal property and life. I appreciate Assemblyman Brian Barnwell’s work on this bill and understanding of the severity of the flooding issue. I am hopeful that we can pass the bill again during the upcoming 2019 legislative session and convince the Governor to sign the bill into law.