Harckham Secures $125,000 for Pavilion Rehab in Buchanan's Veterans Park

Senator Pete Harckham has secured $125,000 for Buchanan to rehab the Veterans Park Pavilion. The covered pavilion in Veterans Park was given to Buchanan in the 1970’s by the power authority and is used for community events, by charitable organizations and by people from all around the region. 

“The Veterans Park Pavilion has been a popular community gathering place in Buchanan’s Veterans Park for over 40 years,” said Harckham. "The funding I’ve secured for its renovation will help ensure that the pavilion is restored to its original glory and that it will continue to be used by the community for generations to come.”

The town will be using the funding to reinforce and rehab the steel structure of the pavilion. They are also looking into rehabbing the base of the pavilion so, at a later date, it could possibly be used as a skating rink in the winter, again.

George Latimer, Westchester County Executive, said, “One of the vital roles of government is to ensure open, public spaces for residents to utilize for various community events. Westchester has so much natural beauty to offer, making the responsibility of government to maintain these spaces even greater. Thanks to the $125K that Sen. Harckham has secured, Veterans Park in Buchanan will remain as one of these picturesque public spaces for us all to enjoy.”

Mayor Theresa Knickerbocker, Town of Buchanan, said, “The pavilion is a very big part of our community. We hold Buchanan Day there, as well as our veterans picnic. People from the community hold family events there regularly. We are deeply appreciative of the grant secured by Senator Harckham and will use the money to rehab the infrastructure of the Pavilion.”

Supervisor Linda Puglisi, Town of Cortlandt, said, "I am very pleased the Village of Buchanan is receiving this funding for their Veterans Pavilion and we thank Senator Harckham."