Senator Rachel May Highlights Environmental Priorities from 2019-2020 Budget

Albany, NY - Senator May (SD-53) is pleased to report that the 2019-2020 budget contained several important environmental victories for New York

Highlights include:

  • An additional $500 million for clean water infrastructure
  • Requires all water systems to disclose the presence of lead pipes
  • $18 million for farmland protection to keep farmland in farm hands and invest in future farmers
  • Historic $300 million in funding for Environmental Protection Fund
  • Plastic bag ban with a local opt-in for a $.05 fee on paper bags to be used to distribute free reusable bags; New York currently used 23 billion plastic bags annually
  • Food waste regulations requiring qualifying restaurants and grocery stores to either donate or compost their extra food


On the budget, Senator May said, “I am proud to see New York once again leading the way on environmental justice issues. Climate change and plastic pollution are dire challenges that our children and grandchildren will face for generations to come. It is critical that we stop waiting for someone else to solve the problem; we must step up and create the future we want for our kids. By banning single-use plastic bags, investing in our infrastructure, reducing food waste, and ensuring healthy farmland, we are taking measurable steps to making New York State better for the long haul for all of us.”

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