Senator Rachel May Secures Funding For ACR Health’s Q Center

Rachel May

May 15, 2019

Albany, NY - Senator May (SD-53) announces $100,000 in funding for ACR Health’s LGBTQ space, the Q Center.

ACR Health is a not-for-profit, community organization that provides an array of support services for individuals facing health and wellbeing challenges. The Q Center is the only resource in Central New York providing a safe and supportive space for our LGBTQ youth. The Center offers case management, after-school programs, support groups, outreach and education, and special events specifically for LGBTQ youth and their allies. The Q Center programs seek to promote equality, celebrate diversity, and create a safer, more accepting and inclusive community for all.

Wil Murtaugh, Executive Director of ACR Health, said, “Our deepest gratitude to Senator May for recognizing the critically needed services that the Q Center provides for LGBTQ youth, families, and their allies in 6 counties in Central New York.”

“LGBTQ youth are extremely vulnerable. They disproportionately experience homelessness, bullying, and threats to their emotional well-being. It is critical that we provide spaces in which they can ask questions, seek support, and build community while being their whole, authentic selves,” said Senator May. “ACR Health’s Q Center is the regional leader in providing resources to LGBTQ youth in Central New York and the Mohawk Valley. I am proud that we were able to secure this vital funding to ensure that the Q Center can continue its important work.”

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