Ortt Introduces Anti-Resistance, Pro-Law Enforcement Legislation

Robert G. Ortt

April 23, 2019

Today, Senator Rob Ortt (R,C,I,Ref-North Tonawanda), introduced legislation that would prevent the Executive Office from issuing orders of noncompliance between state and federal law enforcement. In April of 2018, Gov. Cuomo issued a ‘cease and desist’ order to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) and unveiled a plan that combated last April’s ICE raids.

“Gov. Cuomo has chosen to start a public feud with U.S. Immigration and Customs for no reason other than to rile his base in New York City and to oppose President Trump,” said Sen. Ortt. “However, his words and actions have real-life consequences and he is putting in danger those who protect our communities and enforce our federal laws. I want to ensure that the governor isn’t able to weaponize the state police against federal law enforcement for his own political gain.”

This legislation would provide that the Executive Branch may not direct state police to not cooperate with federal law enforcement. This section also nullifies any regulation, rule, or executive order that violates this provision. So-called “sanctuary cities” and other non-compliance measures have spread across New York as state and city officials wade into the federal immigration issue. Such moves jeopardize law enforcement funding, endanger officers, and impede agencies from carrying out their missions to protect the public.

This comes on the heels of newly introduced legislation by Senate Democrats that would make New York a Sanctuary State.


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