ALBANY, NY— Senator Sue Serino released the statement below following the presentation of the Governor’s Executive Budget Proposal:

Once, again we're getting a budget proposal chock—full of policy items. With one party dominating Albany, it is clear that each branch of government is running unchecked in a race to pass the most extreme legislation. Today, the Governor laid out plenty of policy goals for this year’s State Budget, but what we should be focusing on is reducing spending and cutting taxes for hardworking New Yorkers.

I was encouraged to see that the Governor wants to make the tax cap permanent and that he wants to cut taxes for the middle class. However, many issues that matter most to our local residents, were left out of the proposal. Once again, we heard no real mention of funding to address the Lyme and tick-borne disease epidemic or funding necessary to empower New York's seniors, our businesses or our veterans. 

Earlier this morning, I was proud to stand alongside my Senate Republican colleagues as we outlined our ‘Real Solutions Budget Plan’  which focuses on delivering real savings to New Yorkers and investing in areas that will help make New York more affordable so residents across the state can thrive. While state government is dominated by one political party, I will continue to stand up to ensure that our community has a voice in Albany as we fight for policies that make New York a place where people want to live again, instead of one they want to leave.”

Highlights of the ‘Real Solutions Budget Plan’ include:

  • Rejecting the implantation of any new taxes or fees.
  • Fighting to impose a cap on state spending to prevent the runaway spending that occurred the last time the state was under total one-party control. 
  • Fighting to make the property tax cap permanent and extend it to New York City.
  • Fighting to cut property taxes, by phasing in a fiscally responsible Medicaid takeover and provide dollar-for-dollar savings in the form of property tax relief.
  • Delivering a $770 million middle class income tax cut this year by accelerating the phase-in of our historic Middle Class Income Tax Cut.
  • In addition to the Medicaid takeover / mandate relief plan, we will fight to impose an immediate moratorium on any new mandates and institute a mandate review council.  These mandates are hidden taxes that overburden school districts, local governments and local property taxpayers, and we will also push for the adoption of a Constitutional Amendment to ban unfunded mandates entirely.
  • We will push to require a 2/3 supermajority vote to pass any new tax increases
  • To view the ‘Real Solutions Budget Plan’ in full, click here.