Senator Andrew Gounardes and Senator Toby Ann Stavisky Hold Hearing on Establishing a NYS Civil Service Pipeline

New York, NY - Senator Andrew Gounardes, Chair of the Committee on Civil Service and Pensions, and Senator Toby Ann Stavisky, Chair of Committee on Civil Service & Pensions yesterday held a joint hearing to discuss establishing a robust civil service from the state’s public and private colleges and universities into public service jobs. Senators heard testimony from college administrators and students, officials from the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, and representatives from public sector unions.

A significant number of civil servants are approaching the age of retirement. According to the NY ATEP State of the Workforce report, 26.6% of government workers are considered an aging workforce. Further recruitment issues stem from a statewide decline in available workforce of .9% between 2012 and 2017. The Hearing focused on ways to fill the gap by encouraging young people to consider civil service careers.

According to the United Way, 45% of New Yorkers lack sufficient financial resources, many of whom are working. Civil service jobs provide health benefits and a pension that serve as a path to advancement for young people.

“As Chair of the Civil Service and Pensions Committee, I have deep respect for the public servants who make our City and our State run. By building a strong civil service pipeline from New York’s colleges, we will ensure the strength of our Civil Service programs for years to come and offer a powerful tool of social mobility for students. Nothing is more rewarding than public service, and we want young people to have the knowledge and opportunity to be part of it,” said State Senator Andrew Gounardes.

"I am delighted to co-sponsor this hearing with Senator Gounardes. A civil service pipeline would help students find quality jobs quickly upon graduation, and would help New York State recruit well trained, quality candidates to help further the work of the public sector. It is truly a win, win proposition,” said State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky, Chair of the Committee on Higher Education.

“Public service is a noble calling, and the City of New York is creating pathways for recent college graduates to find rewarding careers in city government,” said Lisette Camilo, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services. “Through our recently-launched Civil Service Pathways Fellowship, we’re connecting recent City University of New York graduates to in-demand careers with the city.”

"In our 2019 State of the Workforce report, we indicated that nearly 29% of government workforce across New York State is nearing retirement age.  We are experiencing the tightest labor market in decades, making the competition for talent incredibly high. This means government, like all sectors of the economy need to think differently about recruitment, retention and career pathway development in order to compete,” said Melinda Mack, Executive Director, NY Association of Training and Employment Professionals.