Senator Jordan and Assemblywoman Woerner seek restoration of VLT Aid for Saratoga Springs

Senator Daphne Jordan and Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner recently wrote the Governor seeking a full restoration of Saratoga Springs’ Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) Aid within the 2020-21 State Budget. The Governor's 2020-21 Executive Budget’s proposed elimination of VLT Aid to the cities outside of Yonkers would result in the City of Saratoga Springs losing $2,325,592 in VLT Aid. This constitutes a serious, significant hit to not only Saratoga Springs’ finances but Saratoga County’s as well. Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County have continually exercised fiscal responsibility in their budgeting and cannot afford to absorb such a consequential financial impact caused by the loss of this valuable VLT Aid. Senator Jordan and Assemblywoman Woerner's bipartisan budget letter seeking a full restoration of VLT Aid for Saratoga Springs is attached.