COVID-19 Data Privacy Legislation Passes New York State Senate

GARDEN CITY, NY — A bill that would impose restrictions on companies and organizations who collect New Yorkers’ health data and other personal information for the purpose of responding to the COVID-19 crisis has passed the New York State Senate today. 

As communities across New York move to reopen their economies, governments and companies are looking to technology in order to monitor potential risks for COVID-19 exposure. The new legislation (S8448D) sponsored by Senator Kevin Thomas (D-Levittown) would place strict limits on how this data can be used, how long it can be stored, and with whom it can be shared.

“Any technology that involves the collection, use, and sharing of sensitive health data can put consumers at increased risk of exploitation. Now more than ever, we need to balance urgent public health needs and long-term privacy rights,” said Senator Kevin Thomas. “This legislation will ensure that the privacy of consumers’ personal information is protected amid the COVID-19 pandemic by regulating the collection and use of emergency health data.” 


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