Griffo, Ritchie And Little: Sign Our Petition to Fix Albany’s Broken Bail “Reforms”

Brian Dwyer

January 16, 2020


Following a recent change preventing judges from using bail to keep potentially dangerous individuals behind bars while they await their day in court, State Senators Joseph Griffo, Patty Ritchie and Betty Little are launching a petition that calls on Albany to restore safety to communities across the state by fixing these dangerous new laws.
It has been less than a month since these new bail laws—championed by downstate-led, far-left Democrats in both houses of the State Legislature—went into effect, resulting in the release of hundreds of accused criminals from jail without paying bail. Many of these individuals have been charged with committing serious crimes, including manslaughter, stalking, sex trafficking, child assault and domestic violence.

Some of those released are repeat offenders who have already demonstrated they present serious danger to the public. A number of them have been rearrested, sometimes just a few hours later, for new crimes.
“Every day now, New Yorkers are waking up to news that more dangerous criminals are being released, threatening public safety and in some cases, committing new crimes just hours after being freed from jail,” said Senator Joseph Griffo.
“Enough is enough. Albany needs to act now to fix these broken bail laws that are putting all New Yorkers at risk. I encourage anyone who feels strongly about protecting the safety of our state and its people to sign our petition.”
“While most can agree there’s room for common sense changes to our criminal justice system, these bail changes go much too far,” said Senator Ritchie.
“Across our state, those on the front lines of protecting public safety—including law enforcement officials, attorneys and judges—are speaking out about the dangerous impact these new bail laws are having. We need to take action and fix this situation immediately. I encourage anyone concerned about the safety of our state to sign our petition and tell Albany we need to put law-abiding New Yorkers first.”

“These so-called reforms are not minor—or even modest—changes to our criminal justice system,” said Senator Little. “It’s a severe change and we are seeing daily the impact as innocent people pay the price. While those accused of crimes certainly have rights, so do innocent, law-abiding citizens and that includes the right to petition their government for redress of grievances.  Now is the time to be heard on this critical public safety issue.”
In their petition, Senators Griffo, Ritchie and Little join a bipartisan coalition of law enforcement, elected and local community leaders in calling for the following:

·         The restoration of bail in cases of violent crimes, sex offenses, serial criminals and those with a track record of failing to return for trial;

·         Allowing judges to use their discretion to decide if a defendant poses a threat to victims, witnesses or the community they will be released into;

·         Protecting witnesses and police officers from retaliation by shielding their personal information, such as names and home addresses.

To sign the petition click here.