EAST FISHKILL, NY – Senator Sue Serino recently joined East Fishkill Supervisor Nicholas D’Alessandro, East Fishkill Highway Superintendent Kenneth Williams, and Kent Highway Superintendent Richard Othmer, Jr. to get an update on the three-mile paving project shared between both towns on Leetown Road and Dean Road in Stormville and Kent, respectively.

“The new paving project on Leetown Road truly exemplifies the great things that happen when local municipalities work together to better serve their residents,” said Senator Sue Serino. “My focus has always been to help connect town leaders on issues and concerns and help facilitate ways we can make improvements for our communities. I applaud the towns of East Fishkill and Kent for bringing this project to fruition and was thrilled to have the opportunity to see its progress. When we come together collectively, we are able to make our community a better place to live and work for all.”

“Senator Sue Serino helped serve as a catalyst for this project and has made it a focus to help better connect municipalities throughout her district,” said East Fishkill Supervisor Nick D’Alessandro. “Not only does this project help connect two towns, but also connects the counties of Dutchess and Putnam. Through our partnership we were able to reclaim a road at a better price and final project.”

Richard Othmer, Jr., Town of Kent Highway Superintendent said, "Two years ago Senator Serino secured grant money to widen and pave the Old Hortontown Road which connects East Fishkill and Kent and the Counties of Putnam & Dutchess. This was a necessary major two-year undertaking. Presently, Kent and East Fishkill Highway Departments combined forces to pave the common connector roads of Dean and Leetown Roads. Sue came out to inspect the site & to look at the future similar projects of Ressique Street and Long Hill Road which joins the two communities together. The rugged rocky and hilly terrain of Kent turns into the flat farmland of East Fishkill at these points. Senator Serino represents these two sister Towns and recognizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of these roads for both resident & commerce purposes."

East Fishkill and Kent share about nine miles together of border road, the most Kent shares with any other bordering town, and there are a total of nine connector roads between the two towns.