Senator Toby Ann Stavisky congratulates three schools on receiving $81,599 in “STEM Reimbursement” funding

This week, the New York State “STEM Reimbursement” Program announced more than $81,000 in funding for three schools in Senator Stavisky’s 16th District, Muslim Center Junior High School, the New Highland Elementary School and the Resurrection Ascension Catholic Academy. The funding will be used for the program, and can be accessed by the schools immediately.

“Our society is more dependent on the core principles and values of STEM than ever before,” says Senator Stavisky. “The future of our city’s economy depends on our students developing a strong and practical understanding of those principles. As a member of the Education Committee, and as the Chairwoman of the Higher Education Committee, I understand that that growth starts in the classroom, and with the teachers who invest their time and energy into inspiring our next generation of innovators and problem solvers.”

The “STEM Reimbursement” Program was originally passed in 2017. The first-in-the-nation program reimburses nonpublic schools, from third grade through high school. The program distributed $15 million dollars statewide this year, and will be distributing an additional $30 million across the state in 2021.