Senator Rath Announces Signing of First Bill

Amherst, NY –  Senator Edward Rath joined members of the East Amherst Fire Department to present certificates commemorating legislation, Senate Bill S6702,  incorporating the East Amherst Fire Department Benevolent Association and Senate Bill S6703, increasing the cap on members who can live outside the fire district, acknowledging both bills being signed into law.

“I am extremely happy to announce my first, and second, bill being signed into law.  I am equally pleased that my first two pieces of legislation to be signed are bills that assist a local fire company.  Our volunteer fire departments continue to face recruitment and retention challenges and it is important for the state to work with them and advance legislation to assist them in their critical mission.  Thank you to the East Amherst Fire Department for all of the advocacy and cooperation throughout the entire 2021 Legislative Session” said Senator Ed Rath.

Senate Bill S6702 and S6703 passed the Senate on June 8th and June 1st respectively and were both signed into law on August 2, 2021.

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