Senator Rath Announces Legislation to Increase Government Transparency

Senator Rath sponsors legislation in the Senate that would work to increase the transparency of our state government.

“Creating more transparency around our state government and its processes is extremely important.  Assuring that residents have faith and understanding of our government is essential.  Unfortunately, Albany has a reputation for its closed doors, corruption, and cover-ups, I am fighting to change that,” said Senator Ed Rath.

The legislation that Senator Rath sponsors is a package (S.6931, S.6932, S.6933, S.6934, S.6935, S.8588) which includes: initiatives to expand political contribution reporting requirements, restrict certain contributions from public officials and restrict certain contribution time periods.  All bills were active in the 2021-2022 legislative session.

“Recently we have seen questions surrounding the Governor’s donors being awarded state contracts, this needs to end.  The continuous pay-to-play culture of Albany is unacceptable. I believe this legislation is a step in the right direction,” said Senator Ed Rath.

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