Senator Borrello Denounces Sham ‘Repeal’ Effort of the Governor’s Emergency Powers

ALBANY Senator Borrello today denounced as a “fraud,” legislation passed by the Senate’s Democratic majority that they have publicly touted as a repeal of the Governor’s emergency powers.

The legislation, advanced in the wake of investigations into the Governor’s intentional cover up of data on nursing home fatalities and accusations of sexual harassment, would continue to allow the Governor to exercise authority over nearly 100 Executive Orders he has issued over the past year, including the ability to extend, amend or even expand them. That authority was extended indefinitely by the bill as it removed the April 30 sunset provision that was in the original measure granting emergency powers.

“Today, we received confirmation that where the Governor’s deceit, bullying, and alleged abuse are concerned, there is literally no bridge too far for the Legislature’s Democratic leaders. Despite scandal after scandal, calls from legislators on both sides of the aisle for the Governor’s impeachment or resignation, embarrassing national headlines for our state, and, worst of all, his role in contributing to the deaths of elderly nursing home residents, Democratic leadership has put politics ahead of the people they were elected to serve.

“While they repeatedly rejected our Conference’s efforts to end the emergency powers with a clean repeal of his authority, we still had a light at the end of the tunnel with the April 30 sunset date in the original legislation. By removing that sunset date, that hope has been extinguished.

“Instead, legislative leaders have enabled this ethically compromised Governor, who has lost the confidence of New Yorkers and the respect of his peers, to continue exerting his will without the checks and balances that our current circumstances demand.

“A year ago, when I voted against the sweeping, unilateral authority granted to this governor, I stated that any legislature willing to cede this much power to the executive will be reluctant to take it away. Today’s shameful action proves that to be true.”