Addabbo hopes next Mayor will bring new policies to help deal with excessive noise

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

August 12, 2021

During the summer season, State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.’s district offices have received an increase in calls from constituents concerned about the noise levels throughout the communities.

Residents from throughout the 15th Senate District have been dealing with loud noises coming from modified vehicles, music and other sources.

“The summer months always bring with them increased noise. It is when the noise is at unbearable levels and persists late into the night that it becomes a problem,” Addabbo said. “I understand my constituents’ frustrations with the noise, especially at all hours of the night. In order to address one aspect of the problem I have co-sponsored legislation in the Senate (S.784B) that will increase fines for vehicle equipment modifications that make cars louder to help mitigate some of the noise complaints. The bill is going to the Governor’s desk to be either sign into law or vetoed.”

The bill (S.784B) the Senator referred to would increase enforcement against motorists and repair shops that illegally modify mufflers and exhaust systems to make them excessively loud for motor vehicles and motorcycles. It would also equip police vehicles with a decibel reader.

Addabbo encourages anyone who encounters unreasonable noise to call 311 and lodge a complaint.

After making a noise complaint, police officers could respond within eight hours when they are not handling emergencies. They will be able to take action if the noise is still happening when they arrive.

According to the NYC Noise Code Penalty Schedule, the penalty for causing or permitting unreasonable noise between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. is a fine starting at $300 for a first offense to more than $1,000 for repeat offenders.

“While I have a co-sponsored bill in the Senate, it is important for state legislators to work with city officials and police officers on these types of issues,” Addabbo added. “With the city electing a new Mayor soon, hopefully they will have new and different policies to address the noise issues we are facing. Together with elected officials on the city and state levels, the dedicated police officers and members of the community, we can end problem noise in our communities.”

The Senator noted that he was looking at the measures taken by previous Mayor Administrations in addressing noise complaints. “I believe we have witnessed an increase in the amount of noise complaints with a reduced enforcement of our laws under this current Mayor,” Addabbo concluded.

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