Addabbo: Sign up for DSNY's new curbside composting collection program this August

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

June 14, 2021

Starting in August, residents throughout State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.’s district — and across the city — will be able to register for the Department of Sanitation’s (DSNY) new curbside composting program after it was suspended in May 2020.

The DSNY’s Curbside Composting Collection program is coming back with changes that aim to improve the program’s efficiency by lowering the department’s carbon footprint, and broadening access to composting services. Beginning in August 2021, all New Yorkers who are interested in compost collection must register for the program through a simple online form or by calling 311. By having residents opt in to the program, it will allow DSNY to provide weekly collection service where there is demand when the program kicks off in October.

“Composting your food scraps and yard waste is a great way for you to help make your neighborhood both cleaner and greener by helping to create nutrient-rich compost that will be used in the city’s gardens, yards, and street trees, as well as being used as clean energy,” Addabbo said. “DSNY will begin the program again in October on a rolling basis based on the number of signups. The service is expected to grow as demand for it grows. If you want to take part in this great program, you must opt in once DSNY launches the online registration form in August or by calling 311.”

Residents will be able to use their original brown bins their received for the previous composting program. If you do not have a brown composting bin, you will be able to request one when registering for the program.

Until service begins, residents are being asked by the city to use a food scrap drop-off location or discard food scraps and yard waste with their trash. Residents with questions about their collection schedules should contact 311.

For more information on the Curbside Composting Collection program, visit