Senator Kevin Thomas Advances Bill to Expand ‘Lemon Law’ Protections to Businesses

(Albany, NY) - Yesterday, the New York State Senate advanced a bill sponsored by State Senator Kevin Thomas to expand ‘Lemon Law’ protections to commercial and business purchasers. The purpose of the New York State Lemon Law is to protect consumers from deceitful selling practices and faulty manufacturing when purchasing a vehicle. Currently, vehicles that are used primarily for commercial or business purposes are not covered, including those purchased by small businesses.  Businesses are not exempt from being victims of predatory sellers, nor are the vehicles they purchase immune to possible flaws in the manufacturing process. More than half of all states already include vehicles purchased for commercial purposes in their Lemon Law statutes.

Senator Kevin Thomas said, “Lemon Laws exist to make sure that you aren't stuck with a faulty vehicle that keeps breaking down. But if you’re a small business, you don't have those same protections if you are sold an unsafe, defective commercial vehicle. This leaves businesses vulnerable to predatory sellers, and leads to more dangerous vehicles on our roads. It’s time we change that. My bill will keep defective vehicles off our roads and ensure that small businesses are protected when buying a new or used vehicle.” 

The bill awaits review in the Assembly Consumer Affairs And Protection Committee. 


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