Harckham Bill to Advance Yorktown’s Granite Knolls Park Solar Project Signed into Law

Albany, NY – Special legislation introduced by New York State Senator Pete Harckham to allow the Town of Yorktown to use property at its Granite Knolls Park for the construction of a solar power project and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations has been signed into law.

“Yorktown residents will benefit financially in the years ahead with solar power panels installed at the proposed Granite Knolls Sports and Recreation Complex,” said Harckham. “This project, which includes charging stations for electric vehicles, is a smart use of land and shows that Town officials are looking to the future with their decision-making.”

Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater said, “With the final step of the state’s legislative process complete, the Town of Yorktown is eager to commence the renewable energy project at Granite Knolls Sports Complex. We appreciate the collective effort and support by our state delegation, which was pivotal for us to reach this point.”

The newly-enacted legislation (S.6553C) authorizes the Town of Yorktown to alienate certain parklands—in this case a portion of the property located within Granite Knolls Park—and lease it to HESP Solar LLC for the construction of a solar energy power plant and electric vehicle charging stations.

The lease of the Granite Knolls Park property, which will be at fair-market value, is for 25 years.

Proceeds from the lease will go toward the acquisition of new parkland or capital improvements to existing park and recreation facilities within the Town of Yorktown. And if the parkland that is alienated ceases to be used for solar energy or EV charging stations, the lease shall be terminated, and the land will revert to the Town of Yorktown.

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